Therapeutic Outcomes Assessment™

The Therapeutic Outcomes Assessment™ (TOA™) tool was developed by Lighthouse Institute to measure outcomes for Children and Young People living in the Lighthouse Therapeutic Family Model of Care™. The tool has wide applicability to a range of care settings.

The TOA™ provides an individual and their clinical care team with vital information about the outcomes achieved over a period of time, or over the course of engagement in a program.

Appropriate use of this tool enables an individual and their clinical care team to develop a care plan around the developmental needs of the individual. It also provides necessary feedback about the effectiveness of the program in which the individual is engaged, which guides program evaluation and development.

The TOA™ is comprised of a survey measuring the following (8) developmental areas:

TOA tool

• Learning
• Physical Development
• Emotional Development
• Attachment
• Identity
• Social Development
• Autonomy/Life Skills
• Relational/Community Connectedness