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Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Basic Text (Plus DVD) 2ed

Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Basic Text, Second Edition, is focused on the key concepts, assessment, indications, formulations, therapist interventions, goals of therapy, and the mechanisms of therapeutic action all mental health professionals need in their daily clinical experience. In this manual, Dr. Gabbard expands on the application of basic theory and techniques in actual clinical practice. Therapeutic topics are brought to life on a companion DVD that gives students and residents a visual reference to the text through video vignettes of a senior clinician at work.

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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders: A Clinical Handbook

Well documented and articulate, this manual is appropriate for everyone from students of psychotherapy to experienced clinicians seeking to refine their practice. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders: A Clinical Handbook gathers in one place the psychodynamic psychotherapy thinking on each of the Axis II personality disorders. This includes the work of 22 contributing writers in addition to the three primary authors, John F. Clarkin, Ph.D., Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., and Glen O. Gabbard, M.D. The material presented here is available elsewhere but, until now, not all in one place.

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Multiculturalism and Diversity in Clinical Supervision: A Competency-Based Approach

Today's therapists work with diverse clients whose cultural values and attitudes differ in varying degrees from their own. Effective training and supervision are necessary to avoid and resolve conflicts. This practical guide presents a model for developing multicultural competence within supervision. The model emphasises self-assessment to define the cultural niche of each member of the supervision triad (therapist, client, and supervisor). In-depth supervisory vignettes apply the model to a variety of cultural dimensions, including gender, ethnicity/race, immigration, socioeconomic status, disabilities, religion, and sexual orientation.

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Therapeutic Residential Care for Children: An Attachment and Trauma-Informed Model for Practice

This book provides a model of care for traumatized children, based on theory and practice experience pioneered at the Lighthouse Foundation, Australia. The authors explain the impact of trauma on child development, drawing on psychodynamic, attachment and neurobiological trauma theories. The practical aspects of undertaking therapeutic care are then outlined, covering everything from forming therapeutic relationships to the importance of the home environment and daily routines.

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Therapeutic Approaches in Work With Traumatised Children and Young People: Theory and Practice

Based on work carried out by staff at the Cotswold Community over a number of years, Therapeutic Approaches in Work with Traumatised Children and Young People provides a clear and comprehensive link between theory and practice. The author shows how practice in the field of residential child care, fostering and other areas of work with children can be developed in a way that is soundly based on theory.

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Life Story Therapy with Traumatized Children: A Model for Practice

Life Story Therapy is an approach designed to enable children to explore, question and understand the past events of their lives. It aims to secure their future through strengthening attachment with their carers and providing the opportunity to develop a healthy sense of self and a feeling of wellbeing. This comprehensive overview lays out the theory underlying life story therapy, including an accessible explanation of contemporary research in neurobiology and trauma. Featuring tried and tested ideas, with tools and templates illustrated through instructive case studies, the author identifies how life story therapy can be implemented in practice.

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Creative Therapies with Traumatised Children

As a probation officer and social worker, Anne Bannister has successfully used creative therapies with abused children for 25 years. Combining her practical experience and recent doctoral research she reflects on how and why these therapies actually work in the healing process. She shows how in ‘the space between’ children and their therapists, the child and adult can each use their creative skills to aid developmental processes, reverse negative brain patterns and affect positive behavioural changes to heal the damage caused by severe abuse in childhood. The author presents a practical model called the Regenerative Approach to use when assessing and working therapeutically with traumatised children.

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Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder

This book presents a short and accessible introduction to what 'attachment' means and how to recognise attachment disorders in children. The author explains how complex problems in childhood may stem from the parent-child relationship during a child's early formative years, and later from the child's engagement with the broader social world. It explores the mindset of difficult and traumatised children and the motivations behind their apparently antisocial and defensive tendencies.

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A Practical Guide to Transformative Supervision for the Helping Professions: Amplifying Insight

This book explores what is meant by transformative supervision and how it can be undertaken. It examines the key factors that contribute to the transformative function, such as the role of observation and questioning, the importance of working with emotions, and exploring intuition. The book takes an in-depth look at the supervisory relationship and offers real examples from practice to illustrate the ideas in action. Offering a range of practical strategies, techniques, and approaches to enhance current supervision practice, this book brings a new voice to the topic of supervision by emphasising how it can contribute to continuous learning and self-development.

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Circle of Security Intervention: Enhancing Attachment in Early Parent-Child Relationships

Presenting both a theoretical foundation and proven strategies for helping caregivers become more attuned and responsive to their young children's emotional needs (ages 0–5), this is the first comprehensive presentation of the Circle of Security (COS) intervention. The book lucidly explains the conceptual underpinnings of COS and demonstrates the innovative attachment-based assessment and intervention strategies in rich clinical detail, including three chapter-length case examples. Reproducible forms and handouts can be downloaded and printed. COS is an effective research-based programme that has been implemented throughout the world with children and parents experiencing attachment difficulties.

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Supervisory Relationship: A Contemporary Psychodynamic Approach

In the past two decades, many psychodynamic therapists have begun to view the relational processes taking place between patient and therapist as a central source of transformation. Yet traditional paradigms of clinical supervision, focusing primarily on didactic teaching, have limitations for training therapists to work in these new ways. This ground-breaking volume is the first to elaborate a comprehensive contemporary model of supervision. Using a wealth of examples and vignettes, the authors show how working within the vicissitudes of the supervisory relationship can allow the supervisee to gain a deeper understanding of the treatment method being taught.

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Attachment Theory in Clinical Work with Children: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice

Attachment research has tremendous potential for helping clinicians understand what happens when parent-child bonds are disrupted, and what can be done to help. Yet there remains a large gap between theory and practice in this area. This book reviews state-of-the-art knowledge on attachment and translates it into practical guidelines for therapeutic work. Leading scientist-practitioners present innovative strategies for assessing and intervening in parent-child relationship problems; helping young children recover from maltreatment or trauma; and promoting healthy development in adoptive and foster families. Detailed case material in every chapter illustrates the applications of research-based concepts and tools in real-world clinical practice.

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