Findings from Social Ventures Australia

Social Ventures Australia was commissioned to complete an analysis of Lighthouse Foundation’s Social Return on Investment (SROI).

SROI is an internationally recognised methodology that measures the value created for stakeholders. SROI is a framework for identifying, measuring and accounting for the value an activity creates from the perspective of each stakeholder.

Findings included the following insights:

  • The intensive support model leads to a holistic transformation of young people‚Äôs lives.
  • The changes experienced by young people are sustainable and result in permanent exit from homelessness for 8 out of 10 young people that complete the program.
  • Investment into LHF generates significant social returns for all stakeholders. For every dollar invested into LHF programs, more than $12 in social value is created.
  • The Government is a large beneficiary of the work done by LHF which decreases the future burden of chronic homelessness and creates direct benefit to Treasury in the form of decreased welfare and increased taxes.

To read the executive summary of the report click here.