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In collaboration with our community partners, Journey to Recovery: The International Conference of Attachment & Trauma Informed Practice was an exciting initiative that provided carers, consumers, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, educators and survivors of trauma an opportunity to come together, share experiences and to reflect on practice and research into recovery-oriented approaches from an attachment and trauma informed perspective. The conference comes at a pivotal time, where trauma informed practice is becoming widely accepted as best practice in work with survivors of trauma and offered delegates a unique platform to reflect on “what has been; what is possible; and what comes next?” in the field of attachment and trauma informed practice.

Building on the success of the inaugural conference in 2013, over 180 delegates came together again in 2015 to explore how this work has progressed over the past 18 months, with a major focus on innovations and best practice across diverse disciplines.  We were joined by many experts in the field of attachment and trauma informed practice and provided a platform for emerging thinkers in this area to examine what the current research is saying about trauma recovery, what is best practice at an international level, and how we can scale up innovation to reach more people? In total, we had 7 keynote addresses by world-renowned experts, a keynote address by a survivor of trauma and 21 presentations from various sectors discussing innovations in areas such as: youth mental health, education, homelessness, out-of-home care, alcohol and other drugs, therapeutic approaches, practice models, and research.

We look forward to seeing you all again in late 2016 as we continue to build momentum in achieving a community of practice committed to attachment and trauma informed approaches.


Thank you to the conference sponsors: