Clinical Supervision

The Lighthouse Institute provides psychodynamic group and individual supervision to practitioners working with vulnerable children, young people, adults and families. Clinical supervision is an opportunity for teams to work collaboratively and support each other through reflective practice. This process is both preventative and restorative for people working with trauma.

“When group dynamics are managed effectively, and the emotional aspects of the supervision process are attended to, the group supervision setting can provide invaluable resources that are not available in the context of individual supervision.” (Andersson, 2008)

Our specialist clinical consultants have a passion and commitment for working from a trauma-informed framework. The Consultants are supported by the Lighthouse Institute and have access to a range of support structures, including regular training, individual and group clinical supervision, to ensure that they are up to date with the latest advancements in clinical knowledge in the field, that their practice is reflective, and are emotionally available to the practitioners that they supervise.


What is the process for arranging Clinical Supervision for my team?

If you would like to engage your team in clinical supervision, contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss the process. Should you choose to contract the Lighthouse Institute to provide supervision to your staff, we will work with you to establish the ideal frequency of sessions, and to discuss how many people will be in each group (max. 12).

We will later meet with your staff to share the potential benefits of receiving supervision, and to briefly educate them on the psychodynamic approach to supervision and the trauma informed frameworks used by Lighthouse to guide this process.

Review meetings are held regularly between a representative from your team and from the Lighthouse Institute to evaluate progress and effectiveness of the supervision program.

For more information about Clinical Supervision contact office@lighthouseinstiute.org.au or 03 9093 7500.