Clinical Consultancy

The Lighthouse Institute provides specialist consultancy to practitioners and organisations that provide support to children, young people, adults and families who may have experienced attachment disruptions and trauma. Our current consultancy work includes model development work, developing attachment and trauma informed organisational systems and clinical supervision processes.


Developing an Attachment and Trauma-Informed Organisation

All organisations can benefit from understanding the principles of attachment in the workplace. The challenge is how to create conditions, where workers can work in a creative, undistracted, collaborative and productive way. This is made difficult by the fact that many workplaces are less secure than they have been, and are often having to contend with rates of change that can create a sense of perpetual instability. Our view is that organisations who understand the fundamental notions of attachment and put that understanding into practice will achieve a more highly engaged and effective workforce. Workers who feel attached will feel more emotionally secure, leading to higher levels of collaboration, productivity, problem solving, creativity, commitment and worker retention.

A few examples of processes that can be put into place are reliable and regular team meetings, one-to-one meetings, supervision, opportunities to develop healthy relationships and social activities. In general:

  • Engage with each worker as an individual person, where the worker feels respected and valued
  • Build relationships by being thoughtful, ‘tuned in’, appreciative and reliable
  • Understand that where workplace attachments are broken or disrupted, through organisational change processes such as restructuring, this will have an impact on all workers. Feelings of insecurity will be heightened and paying attention to this can help keep people engaged, reducing counterproductive attitudes and dynamics.
  • Evaluate and develop a culture of well-being at all levels of the organisation

An understanding of grief, loss and trauma, how they impact on people and what can be done to help alleviate and cope with these difficult experiences, will also help an organisation support its working group. It can also help prevent the damage that can be done, for instance, by implementing change in a way that doesn’t take account of these factors.


Potential Outcomes for Organisations

  • Improved understanding of the role played by the whole organisation in the treatment of traumatised children/young people and/or families
  • Improved outcomes for children/young people and/or families
  • Greater clarity of the therapeutic task and the concepts involved
  • An interpretative framework to understand attachment and trauma based behaviours
  • A shared language, with the whole organisation working together in a unified and coherent way
  • Improved capacity throughout the whole organisation to support those directly involved with children/young people and/or families to deal with trauma re-enactments and the emotionality of the work
  • Improved level of staff engagement, commitment and development
  • Improved wellness for individuals and the organisation as a whole
  • Reduced levels of staff illness and improved staff retention
  • Greater collaboration, creativity and ability to work positively through change processes

Format and Approach

  • We design our Training and Consultancy Program to suit your organisational needs, including any or all of the following:
  • Work in collaboration with the organisation to identify objectives and the focus of the program, including targets, timescales and costs
  • Evaluate the present situation by gathering facts and discussions both formal and informal with relevant staff and where appropriate the service users
  • Provide a report outlining a strategy for improvement – for discussion and agreement before implementation
  • Work with the organisation to implement the strategy, providing direct involvement as appropriate
  • Consultation, training and support to enable the organisation to take charge of the strategy
  • Review and handover
  • Any further consultation to support the development as agreed


For further information and fee structures please contact office@lighthouseinstitute.org.au or 03 9093 7533.